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Chat and hangout with hundreds of different people!

Welcome to the official Discord of r/bobsburgers, the #1 place to talk about Bob's Burgers. If you want to talk about The Owl House, Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman, or whatever shows pique your interests, we have it for you! There are hundreds of others who love to chat about all of those shows, and so much more!

We have watch parties on Sundays! Come join us and watch new episodes Bob's Burgers and all of your other favorite shows as they air live!

We also have fun bots such as DuckHunt and Unbelieveaboat to play with!

Chat with people from Reddit and from other social media about Bob's Burgers!

The goal of our server was to create a place for people from all around the internet, and from all around the world to chat about their favorite shows, all the while creating a friendly environment for everyone.